Ryo of Wildfire, Ronin of Virtue    
  Rowen of Strata, Ronin of Life   Anubis, Warlord of Cruelty (Loyalty)  
Kento of Hardrock, Ronin of Justice       Dais, Warlord of Illusion (Serenity)
    Talpa, Emperor of the Dynasty.    
Cye of Torrent, Ronin of Trust       Sekhmet, Warlord of Venom (Piety)
  Sage of Halo, Ronin of Wisdom   Kale, Warlord of Corruption (Obedience)  
    Kayura, Lady Evil.    




    The Ancient One    
  Doctor Koji   Mia Koji  
White Blaze       Yuli Yamano
Dynasty Soldiers and Nether Spirits     SaberStryke and Black Blaze     The SandStrykers and Red Torrent
General Daala, commander of the Dynasty Soldiers.       Gash the Assassin
  Sarenbou   Sun Devil  
    Badamon, Priest of the Nether Spirits.    


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