Thought-provoking stuff I've noticed and decided to comment on.
There's a lot of personal opinion here...

Fandom Myths
Not that I want to argue with anyone's personal interpretations of the characters, but some of the traits they're given don't make much sense.
Armor Theories
Similarly, I don't like arguing with canon, but when canon starts to contradict itself...
Points to Ponder
Season I
Loopholes, plot twists, what the heck moments, and so on.
Points to Ponder
Season II
There are actually more of these, but I haven't articulated them all yet.
The general plot for each episode.
Purely personal opinion here.
Kikoutei Densetsu
Summary & Analysis
Plot outlines with opinions thrown in along the way; it's too big and confusing to separate it out.
I don't think they meant her to be a MarySue, but she's got a lot of the indicators!
Cinque Samurai
Italian lyrics translated




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