Ronin Warriors Fanfic


Introductions, Explanations, and General Chaos
A fun little conversation with the boys, wherein I explained some of the things I'd be putting them through in my stories.
Silly, not very in-character, nothing much actually happens.
'...It Doesn't Even Matter.'
Kento shares a very unusual song with his friends.
My first and hopefully last 'songfic'. Based on a 'who IS that singer??' moment.
Kento takes an inadvertent side-trip to a world where the Ronin are even less than a myth, and much information is exchanged.
This started as a re-write of my FAQ's and went in a very weird direction. Some of what passes in here is based on personal interpretation and can be considered Fanon. However, I have tried to present the general canon facts, such as they are- like the White Blaze puzzle. Amusing and reasonably informative, not remotely serious.
Illusion's Revenge
Rowen has claustrophobia. Dais is out for revenge. What do these two things have to do with each other? Lots!
Takes place in the interim between episodes 19 and 20, which I have taken the liberty of extending a bit...
So why did Anubis decide he alone had to defeat Ryo in single combat if the Dynasty's victory was to mean anything?
Takes place between Wildfire In the Sky and In the Sea of the Sky.
Why Kento and Sage don't get along very well, and what Kento's going to do about it.
This may or may not lead to a pairing. I've not decided yet.
A mildly spooky fic written for my cuz, Hyena Cub, for Christmas. The Warlords, newly come to the Nether Realm, make their oaths of loyalty to Talpa.
Mixes YST and RW.

Before The Battle

These are the boys' backstories: how and where they grew up, how each found their Ronin armor, and how they became friends.
Modified canon; and I have completely ignored the hypothesis that they didn't know each other before they met in Shadowlands. :) All first-person perspective.

Ryo Incomplete
1: My Mother | 2: My Father | 3: My Grandfather | 4: My Grandmother | 5: White Blaze | 6: My Twelfth Birthday | 7: Yoroi Rekka | 8: Hanai

Sage A Dark Path
1: Sendai | 2: Toyama

Ryo & Sage Rekka and Kourin
1: A Beginning | 2: Catalyst | 3: Sanctuary | 4: Discoveries | 5: Secrets

Rowen Rebel
1: Inochi | 2: Transition | 3: Gaijin | 4: Ryo's Friend

Ryo, Sage & Rowen The Terrible Trio
1: Three is A Crowd | 2: Inscrutable | 3: Approval | 4: Negativity and Similarity | 5: Bad Day, Worse Night | 6: Lots of Explaining | 7: The General's Rage | 8: Unexpectedness | 9: A Very Eventful Saturday | 10: Journey to Happiness | 11: February Sucks | 12: Twice Betrayed | 13: Three Ronin | 14: The Death of Coincidence

Three Weeks in Azu
Settling In | Day One: The Tour | Week One: Exams | Week Two: The Letter | Social Gaffes 1: The Big One | Social Gaffes 2: The Lesser Ones |
All About Expectations | In Sum

Kento I Thought This Was Supposed to Be A Secret
1: Why | 2: The Family | 3: Babysitting | 4: The Other Dynasty | 5: Princess and Grandfather | 6: That Funky Marble of Justice | 7: I Can't Think of A Title

Cye Torrent
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Kento & Cye Suikou and Kongo
1: Meeting | 2: New Names | 3: Unconventional | 4: Sanity Breaks | 5: Families | 6: Sharing | 7: Summer Days | 8: Plans and Discoveries | 9: Parting, Meeting | 10: Getting There | 11: Kento's Plan | 12: Epilogue

Under A Dynasty Sky
Follow-up to Before the Battle: Cye describes that fateful day in Toyama. Covers episode one and skims episode two.

The Inzen Continuum
This (large) story begins about six months after the end of Episode 39. There are some significant deviations from Canon,
in that I have ignored the OAV's and made some changes to the continuity and characters.
For one thing, Talpa obviously isn't permanently defeated; and for another, (SPOILER!)
I proceeded on the theory that White Blaze did not survive his fight with Black Blaze in ep 22.
Sorry, tiger-lovers! And yes, I borrowed from episode 8 for the title. It fit. :)

Friend or Foe


1: Close Encounters of the Rude Kind | 2: Making An Ounce of Sense | 3: Disaster | 4: Aftershocks | 5: Bitter Words |
6: Dry | 7: A Sea Change | 8: A Catastrophic Oversight | 9: Enemy River | 10: The Warlord of Corruption |
11: Found | 12: Together Again | 13: Link Lessons | 14: Reflecting | 15: Questions Answered |
16: Mountain's End | 17: The Warlord of Illusion | 18: The Tower of Pain | 19: The Trap Closes | 20: Center of the Storm


Home and Kin

Prologue: The Siege of Toyama

Part 1: August Days | Part 2: Mixed Feelings | Part 3: Families | Part 4: Dream and Waking | Part 5: Journeys |
Part 6: Troubled Hearts | Part 7: Where is Home? | Part 8: School and Other Tasks | Part 9: Subtle Warnings


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

A New Ally

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


In Progress



In line

Timestream: Cye discovers, to his dismay, that Torrent is capable of moving forward in time. But what about backward? Standalone.

Kurushimi! Lord Fear wants the Ronin to suffer, and there are those who are more than willing to arrange for that. Will follow after New Ally.

Imposter: Someone else is claiming to be the Ronin of Wildfire- and cashing in on the benefits of a grateful and reverent Japan.

Immortal Evil. Potential crossover; Talpa's not the only one who exists so long as hate lives in human hearts. Not sure yet. Vague, this one.

Demon Hunters: Another potential crossover. 'Cause if there's one world that's not lacking for demons, it's the world of Azeroth.

Be patient... :)

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