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There is a legend,
that says when the Earth is covered by a wicked, dark shadow,
the Ronin Warriors will come to save it.
Mia Koji



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3-5-18 Worked with the pictures section; the Random pictures are all hooked up, but the other albums still need to be put somewhere that isn't Photobucket. : p

11-5-17 Tweaked a few things, getting the backgrounds properly organized, and got the Observations on.


Fanfic, Links, and Troopers vs Ronin are relinked to X10. 000host had such security issues that they decided to relocate, so I decided to relocate as well.
X10 is a bit slow to load sometimes, but it's more intuitive and the instructions don't require effort to decipher.

Not sure what I'm going to do about the pictures section, since Photobucket so kindly went paid. All i know is, it won't be shudder-fly.


At long, long last, A New Ally is completed and posted. It isn't quite the story I intended to tell when I first started this marathon, but I'm content with it this way.
Will there be more? Well, there could be. There are three or four notions floating around that I wouldn't mind exploring. Eventually.


Did some sprucing up on most of the pages, de-cluttering and adding a little color here and there. Links check; the URWWS has disappeared again, chiefly because seems to have evaporated. I'm noticing that all the Tripod and Angelfire sites are taking several minutes to load...better than killing the screen with popups, but still annoying.

Still working on New Ally, and it looks like the end is finally in sight. There's potential for a fourth chunk, but only if Japan stops getting news-worthy earthquakes every time I write about a fanfic one. Feels very insensitive to write about Toyama being quake-damaged when places like Kobe, Sendai and Kyushu are suffering genuine major damage. : / Might stop fic'ing for a while and work on the long-neglected Quotes section; it's about time for a rewatch anyway.

1-6-16 Discovered WebStat page tracker and am trying it out, since 000's counters are preferring not to work...

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