Ronin Warriors / Samurai Troopers Links

  General sites
Probably contain one or more of the following: pics, fanart, character analysis, fanfic, humor, scans,
and anything else you'd care to shake a katana at.
Samurai Reflections
Ty-chou's site.
Soul of the Seasons
Warlords Encyclopedia.
Shin's Kitchen
Back up and looking real good!
Welcome to Edo
This is a lovely, large, very thorough Suzunagi/Message site.
Remember the Bishonenink? Here it is. Yaoi and all.
The Ronin Manor
Yoroiden Temple
Theria's archives.
SRWD version 7.0
Sarah's Ronin Warriors Dreamland.
Ronin Warriors? Wasn't That A Movie?
I wish!
Lady Tatsu's Realm
It's old, but it's beautiful.


The #GenkiJusticeParty appears to be down by two.

Cye's Under the Sea Sage's Divine Dragon Cannon by Cherri Rowen's Starshine Unlimited by Snow


Foreign Sites

Armageddon Homepage: Samurai Troopers
Rodrigo's Brazilian Troopers page.
Pagina de Samurai Warriors por Salvador
Ronin in Spanish.

Humorous Stuff

Anime Breakdown
A (hilarious!) episode listing and drinking game.

FanFiction.Net : What's a Fansite?
Hands down the funniest fanfic I've seen.

Shinkuha: sporking bad Ronin Warriors / YST fics so you don't have to!
This is where really bad fanfic gets MSTed, courtesy of the cast.

The Bent
I wasn't around in the days of HaloBender's older site, so I'm glad to see it revived. .....I...think. :) This is insane stuff, here; approach with caution.

Downloads, Picture Albums and Media

Ronin Warriors Wallpapers and Ronin Warriors Fan Art
At TheOtaku

Toonami: Digital Arsenal Downloads
Intros, promos and closing credits for more than 60 Toonami shows. Including RW.

The ManiacNun...Ronin Warriors and Gundam Wing media goodies, plus a few others.
Adult, yaoi.

Message Boards

Samurai Fanservice
Active once again! Come meet new members, reminisce with old ones, and have fun!

Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warrior fans' Journal
It's LiveJournal, not a board- close enough. RW and YST icons, chat and writing here.

RWsues-Saving the world from one overpowered nuisance at a time
A LiveJournal created to locate and MST RW/YST Mary-Sues.

Link and Summary Sites

Absolute Anime
All kinds of anime, with a corner for the Ronin. Ronin Warriors
General information and episode summaries, though they are not yet complete.

Anime News Network
This gives the Ronin production info from Japan, America, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Other Sites

Matt Hill - The Official Site
Ryo's voice-actor has a site up!

Voice Actor Info
A list of what other characters the Ronin VA's have voiced. With pictures, in many cases.

Lunaescence Archives
Run by the former Jinx and Jedi of Ronin Dungeon. LOTS of fanfic here, about 50 of which are RW.
(Use the 'category' button.) - Ronin Warriors (TV)
A gigantic listing of Anime voice-actors and all the shows they've worked on. A few even have sound-clips!

Japanese Baby Names for Boys and Girls
A very handy site about Japanese names, and large lists thereof.

Daily Life in Japanese High Schools | Japan Digest
Extremely helpful and interesting facts here.

I used to think Toyama was an American invention. Like Hariel. Thanks to this section of a YST/Gundam Wing site, I know better now.

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